FEN1 Genetic Association Database: FEN1.
Fish Fish Database
Fish Index
Fish Pic Database
Fly BioGRID: Genetic and physical interactions in yeast, worm, fly and human
Flybase Database
Food Database
Fold Dali database: Fold classification based on protein structure-structure alignment
Forest Tree Forest Tree Genome Database
Fibrosis Cystic Fibrosis Mutational Database
Fugu The Fugu Informatics Network (Fish)
Fungal Fungal Database
The British Fungi Records Database
CFGP: Comparative Fungal Genomics Platform
Functional Genomics Phytophthora Functional Genomics Database
Functional Genomics Database phosphorylation
The Mouse Functional Genome Database (MfunGD)
Cichlid Functional Genomics Database