Immunology HIV Molecular Immunology Database
HCV Immunology Database
AntiJen-Quantitative binding data for peptides and proteins of immunological interest
Immunohistochemistry Immunohistochemistry methods and techniques
Images BioImage: Searchable database of multidimensional biological images
Imprinting Genomic Imprinting Website
Molecular Imprinting and Templated Synthesis
EICO DB - Expression-based Imprint Candidate Organiser :A database for discovery of novel imprinted genes
In Situ Hybirdization CVD: the intestinal crypt/villus in situ hybridization database
Brine Expression Gene Mapping
LISH : Large-scale In Situ Hybridization
In Vitro The MEIC in vitro database
INCBI INCBI Irish National Centre for BioInformatics
Influenza virus BioHealthBase: Host-pathogen interactions of influenza virus
Inhibitor EMD - Calbiochem - Inhibitor Database Access
Proteinase Inhibitor Database Endoproteinases
The Inhibitors Side of MEROPS (Peptidase database)
KID, a Kinase Inhibitor Database
NHR Inhibitors database (Chemical and Biological Activity Information of Phosphatase inhibitors)
PLANT-PIs, A database for protease inhibitors and their genes in higher plants
HAEdb - C1 inhibitor gene mutation database
Inhibitor-1 (PP1 inhibitor)
The KNOTTIN database (Squash inhibitors, The Knottins EETI-II and MCoTI-II fold in a simple process)
Enzyme Inhibitor Index
Initiation Alternative Translational Initiation Database
Database of Translation Initiation Sites
Insertion GETDB (Gal4 Enhancer Trap Insertion Database)
ATIDB: Arabidopsis thaliana insertion database
TRIPLES — a database of TRansposon-Insertion Phenotypes, Localization, and Expression in Saccharomyces.
Database Organization of the Transposon Insertion Site Database
Functional Genomics of Model Plants
Intein Intein database
The Intein Database is a comprehensive on-line resource that includes the information's about the inteins
Interactions Protein-protein interactions in various evolutionary lineages
Amino acid-nucleotide interaction database
Interference siRNA Database and Resources for RNA Interference Studies
Interferon HSLS: Interferon Stimulated Gene Database
Interologs Protein-protein interactions in various evolutionary lineages
InterPro InterPro is a database of protein families
Intron The Exon-Intron Database
Yeast Intron
The IDB and IEDB: intron sequence and evolution databases
EID: the Exon–Intron Database—an exhaustive database of protein-coding intron-containing genes
Scan Intron Database
U12DB: The U12 Intron Database
Inverted Repeats Inverted Repeats Database
The TIGR Oryza Repeat Database Background
IRES Database (internal ribosome entry site database)
Isochore Emboss isochore Database
Plots isochores in large DNA sequences
Isoforms The Plasma Proteome Database, the first of its kind ensures a comprehensive resource for all human plasma proteins along with their isoforms.
Isotope Isotope Database
Environmental Isotope Database
An Os-isotope database
Radioactive Isotopes
Iteration Iterative Searching In An Online Database