Gamete Eggcorns Database
GEML Gene Expression Markup Language (GEML)
GenBank GenBank Database
Genome List of Genome Database
Yeast Genome Database
Mouse Genome Database
Tumor Gene Database
Cannadian Genome Database
Plant Genome Research Through PlantGDB
Tetrahymena thermophila genome
Rat Gene Database
Gene Knockout Database
Rat Genome Database
Maize Genome Database
HGVbase (the Human Genome Variation Database)
The Gene Expression Database (GXD)
UCSC Genome website
The Expressed Gene Anatomy Database (EGAD)
Pseudomonas Genome Database
Fusarium Database
CERB Target Gene Database
The Arabidopsis Lipid Gene Database
Ribosomal protein gene database
The Blood Group Antigen Gene Mutation Database (BGMUT)
Rickettsia Genome Database
Leukemia Gene Database
Gene Ontology Database
Genome Database List
Organism Specific Genome Database
Complete Genome Information Resource
3D-Genomics - Structural annotations for complete proteomes
Animal Genome Size Database
ArkDB-Genome databases for farm and other animals
CoGenT++: Complete Genome Tracking database
CORG - A database for COmparative Regulatory Genomics
DroSpeGe: Drosophila Species Genomes
ECgene :Genome annotation for alternative splicing
EMGlib - Enhanced Microbial Genomes Library: Completely-sequenced prokaryotic genomes
EcoGene:Genomes of cyanobacteria and other photosynthetic bacteria
Ensembl :Annotated information on eukaryotic genomes
Entrez Genomes:NCBI's collection of databases for the analysis of complete and unfinished viral, pro- and eukaryotic genomes
Genomic Variants Database of Genomic Variants:: Frequency, segmental duplications and genome assembly gaps
Gene The BeanGenes Database
The Obesity Gene Map web site was developed to address the need to include increasingly detailed information on the location and properties of an increasing number of obesity-related genes.
5'-end serial analysis of gene expression
Human and mouse gene index integrating gene, transcript, and protein annotation
Argonaute-Gene regulation by mammalian microRNAs
BioThesaurus: A collection of gene/protein names and associated sequences
COXPRESdb: Coexpressed genes and networks in human and mouse
Entrez Gene:Gene-centered information at NCBI
Edinburgh Mouse Atlas :Spatially-mapped gene expression data
EMAGE:Edinburgh Mouse Atlas gene expression database
Gene Expression BodyMap: Human and mouse gene expression data
BodyMap-Xs: A database for cross-species comparison of vertebrate gene expression
CAGE tags for cap-analysis of gene expression
CycleBase: Gene expression profiles from cell-cycle microarray studies
dbERGEII: Database of experimental results on gene expression
EPConDB:Gene expression in pancreatic development, beta cell function and diabetes
Genetic Genetic Database
Genetic Database
GeneCards Database
The Cowrie Genetic Database Project
ArrayExpress-Public collection of microarray gene expression data
BioGRID: Genetic and physical interactions in yeast, worm, fly and human
dbMHC: Genetic and clinical database of the human MHC
Genetic Disorders CTGA: A database for genetic disorders in Arabs
Germ Database of germline p53 mutations
Database of germ-line variable genes
GERM (Geochemical Earth Reference Model) Reservoir Database
Seed Germination Database
Chicken germ cell EST database
Annotated Alignment Database
Glycobiology A glycobiology database
Glycosylation HCV Sequence Database - Glycosylation
Grain GrainGenes 2.0 (Database of Triticeae and Avena)
GPCR (G protein-coupled receptor)List Endogenous GPCR List :G protein-coupled receptors; expression in cell lines
Guide RNA Guide RNA database


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